Creative technology for kids

Late Spring session starts May 6

Photo: Senmeri A., Gyasi B. and Amaya B. use video games and custom controllers made in the class


Creative engineering in the tradition of:

Ada Lovelace
(the first computer programmer)


Leonardo da Vinci
(artist and inventor)


Ada & Leo is a kids' technology program focused on learning and creativity!

We offer afterschool, weekend, and summer courses for kids of various ages, generally 6-12 years old.

No prior experience is necessary!

Our approach

We believe that:

  • Technology is for everyone, like art, music, storytelling, wonder, and imagination
  • "Productive frustration" is a natural, and crucial, part of learning. When a student figures something out after tinkering with it for a while, they know they can do it again!
  • Creativity flourishes when you have tools that are simple to learn but allow for infinite expression
  • One work of engineering and art made by a student themselves is worth a dozen shiny toys


Intro to Creative Tech

This is our flagship course!

Students will learn how to use technology creatively, by experimenting with our favorite technological learning tools and participating in exercises that bring technological concepts to life.

We've had students go through this whole course twice, and they've found that much is new and different each time it is taught, and that they are able to go ever deeper in their creative exploration.

We like to think of this class as a window into the world of creative things that are possible with technology; and there's no end to what you can see, touch and imagine through that window.

Topics vary by teacher, age group and length of the course, but usually include:


  • Coding games and other interactive programs in Scratch and/or Pencilcode
  • Experimenting with code to solve problems
  • Stepping through code to recreate computer logic


  • Making electrified art that lights up
  • Acting out the roles electronic components play
  • Experimenting to find what materials are conductive and nonconductive
  • Using a Makey Makey device to create our own electric instruments

3D Design

  • Imagining and sketching 3D shape diagrams
  • Using TinkerCAD to design 3D landscapes and sculptures
  • 3D printing our designs and examining how the printer made them
  • Looking at what goes wrong with delicate mechanical procedures


Intro to Animation

Students will use several methods and programs to create their own original animation films!

Topics will include:

Plotting and storyboarding

  • How to design a visual story and plan the filming process

Stop motion

  • How to create fluid motion out of a series of separate changes


  • Software and techniques used in creating shareable, presentable movies!


Intro to Game Design

Students will design, play, test, and revise games of all sorts!

Topics will likely include:

Non-digital games

  • What makes a non-digital game good
  • Inventing our own games and rules

Revising your designs

  • Playtesting our games and noticing what works
  • Trying rule changes to improve gameplay
  • Iterating a design multiple times

Video games

  • Learning MIT's Scratch platform for game creation
  • Sharing and testing games
  • Remixing each other's games

Our promise

All teachers are trained and vetted. The program is safety-conscious.

Even more importantly, we promise to care for the heart, mind and spirit of curiosity in your child as if they were our own children... (who will be in the class too!)

Class Schedule

Who we are



Classes take place in Brooklyn, New York.

Most classes are at: Trilok Center for the Arts, 143 Waverly Ave, between Myrtle Ave and Park Ave. (Ring 01 to be buzzed in. We're on the street-level floor, 2nd door on the right.)

Closest train transportation is the G train at Clinton-Washington (8 min. walk), or the Fulton St. trains in Fort Greene/Clinton Hill: C/2/3/4/5/Q trains at DeKalb, Nevins, Atlantic, Lafayette or Clinton-Washington (15 min. walk)

Some classes, including the summer program, are at: 40 Brevoort Pl., between Franklin Ave and Bedford Ave, 2 blocks from the Franklin C and Nostrand A/C train stops.

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